Compass Series with Pikene på Broen, Trinity Buoy Wharf (UK)

Saturday, 27th February,2010

Brief: To creatively produce, stage and deliver the UK premiere of an ambisonic sound and music narrative.

‘The duo of Ed Handley and Andy Turner lurk behind laptops in the corner but their joyful, pounding electronica seems to fill the room with light and warmth… very satisfying’ The Wire




In 2010 Chimera Productions worked with field recordist Ross Adams to present his ambisonic sound and music narrative, Compass Series: Nord Rute.

Nord Rute is a collaboration between Ross Adams, UK electronic music pioneers Plaid, Sámi poets Synnøve Persen, Ánde Sombi and Ántte Áilu Gaup, and is inspired by Nils Aslak Valkeapää’s poem, ‘No.272’. The poem is about a reindeer herd on the move and takes the Sámi people as its central theme examining their vast dialect used to describe reindeer and sounds of the Arctic Tundra.

Nord Rute shifts between dreamtime, urban and arctic soundscapes with intertwined, recorded, spoken word, poetry and Joiking (a form of Sámi vocal expression) by Sombi, Persen and Gaup. Incorporated into the narrative is an account of a modern day reindeer migration made by the Sámi every year, 350 kilometres across the Arctic Tundra to the reindeers’ spring grazing and birthing pastures in northern Norway. Adams travelled with a group of herders and sonically documented it using location surround recording techniques.

Adams, Persen and Plaid performed a sonic evocation of the migration, poem and contemporary interpretation of the spiritual realm of the Sámi people, bringing otherworldly timbres, dexterous rhythms and raw field recordings to London’s only remaining lighthouse, Trinity Buoy Wharf.