Audi TT Remastered, Scala (UK)

Thursday, 26th July,2007

Brief: To conceptualize and deliver an underground music event as the finale to the year-long celebration of the re-launch of the musically inspired Audi TT.

‘The stark, uncompromising integrity of the piece was certainly a refreshing antidote to the patronising blandness of so many classical ‘fusion’ projects. Part of Audi’s TT Remastered, a project dedicated to the reinterpretion and remastering of classic music, this was one of the most exciting musical premieres I’ve seen in a long time.” The Guardian

DJ Yoda Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra

Audi’s wider campaign involved a partnership with Observer Music Monthly in which they commissioned 14 emerging artists to re-interpret and re-master classic tracks. Here at Chimera Productions we came up with a truly original idea to re-master classical music in a unique concert at the legendary art-deco former cinema, Scala.

We commissioned Gabriel Prokofiev to write a concerto for turntables and orchestra. The world premiere of this ground-breaking work was then realized to both client and critical acclaim in a stunning performance with DJ Yoda and the 34-piece Heritage Orchestra.

Subtle design and client branding was incorporated into live visual mixes to provide the backdrop for the event which was enjoyed by an audience of over 1,000. A bespoke VIP area was created for Audi and their guests overlooking the main stage in order to fully appreciate the climax of the TT Remastered campaign.