Sounds Like…

November 28, 2013

Our most recent Blank Canvas maker, Tim Exile, gives an insight into his creative practice in a brilliant new documentary by Red Bull Music. You can check out the full video here

These days much of Tim’s work is based on improvisation and found sound in a quest to move away from the crafting of the composer’s individual voice and more towards a flexible ‘in the moment’ feel.

This made me think about our many collaborators and their unique compositional processes; Plaid labours tirelessly over the synthesising of each sound and can spend days, weeks even, honing a particular sound before any work takes place on the larger piece.

Max de Wardener is a structural engineer and the preliminary drafts of his recent piano concerto were much more about the overall shape of the piece then the colour and detail, which came much later.

Venue – The Vinyl Factory

Reeps One, the beatboxing super heavyweight, spends much of his time sculpting sounds he hears in his mind’s ear and and this can be mildly disconcerting when you spend an extended amount of time with him, as I witnessed in Venezuela earlier this year. It’s like he has an incredibly rhythmic version of Tourettes!

In fact, Reeps has been collaborating with neuroscientists at UCL to map his brain when he beatboxes and it’s pretty heady stuff (pun intended!). He has a large tongue apparently…

Make of it what you will: