Artist formerly known as DJ Switch

January 28, 2014

Over the weekend and on the other side of the globe, DJ Madhatter took to the stage at the University of Toronto to perform Gabriel Prokofiev’s Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra. Incredibly, this was the the 18th performance of the work and Madhatter the 4th DJ to perform it!

We decided to get in touch with the British DJ who has championed the work the most since it was first performed back in 2007 to see what he’s listening to right now. First it should be noted that 3x DMC World Champion and all-round nice chap Mr Switch has recently gone through his very own ‘Prince’ moment, having finally tired of being confused with US producer Switch and a host of others around the world, including a Nigerian X Factor winner. Here on in he’s Mr Switch to you and I and here’s some of his favourite albums of the moment:

Om Unit – Threads. ”An electronica producer with roots in the turntablist scene. Having changed his alias about 3 years ago his production skills improve on every release, and this album is a fantastic piece of work. It makes for brilliant listening, going through various levels of mood & downtempo beats, then (nicely for me) the second half of the album shifts up a gear and gets a bit more ‘bassline’, with a hefty collection of grooves that work well on the dance floor.” Check out his atmospheric collaboration with Charlie Dark here

Endemic – Terminal Illness Part 2. “I’m massively into my hip hop, and having lived in Nottingham for university I had the pleasure of working with Endemic on a couple of things. He moved to New York to complete the album, which features a plethora of guest MCs on top of each of his delicately produced tracks. Each one conjures a nostalgic feel for the 90′s ‘golden era’ of well-produced hip hop, yet they all have a very fresh & distinct sound, and make great use of well-selected samples. I dropped cuts for 4 of the tracks a while ago, and it’s fantastic that they finally see the light of day.” Endemic-King’s Indian Attack

Beta Test – Chemical Coersion. “Bit of a cheat this one – it doesn’t actually come out until 1st Feb, and it’s another one I’m partly involved with. But having heard it come together over the course of this year & making for a great end result it has to be in this list. It’s compiled by producer & label owner Terrorbyte, and features some of the best producers in the ‘glitch hop’ scene today (upbeat dance/electronica, with hard edged beats & synthetic sounds influenced by hip hop). There’s a couple of scratch samples on the full release which I helped sequence.” Listen and weep…